Working Here

Downtown employees love working in an environment that encourages them to be themselves (and can be witnessed by their excellent customer service). People who work here love the tight-knit community, everyone knows each other on a first name basis. Throughout the workday, employees enjoy many perks such as incredible food options just steps away, walks along our gorgeous lakefront, and the ability to bike or walk to their next meeting.


“When we moved to Kenosha back in 2013 we fell in love with Downtown Kenosha. She was just beginning to sprout up with new life. As our new startup church was getting off the ground we hoped and prayed we could someday call downtown home at some point. In 2017 that became a reality. To be downtown as a church who truly longs to see this city do well, come to live, and the people within her thrive and prosper; being downtown allows us to see that 1st hand. Like an incubator of hope, getting to see new business come in, dreams beginning to become a reality, downtown has become a place of excitement and joy for us a new church. We can’t wait to see where it goes for us and the growing energy that is Downtown Kenosha.”

Pastor Brit Windel, DayBreak Church

“I have been working in Downtown Kenosha for over 10 years and not a day goes by that I don’t find happiness in what I do.  Working downtown gives me a sense of pride and allows me to enjoy what I do while serving the best people I know.  I am lucky to call Downtown Kenosha home.”

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