A wireless (WIFI) network has been implemented in downtown Kenosha and surrounding areas that covers an area from the Anderson Art Center in the South to the Carthage Athletic Field areas to the North including the Southport Marina. This open air WIFI network is available to residents and visitors and will provide a single, constant Internet experience throughout the identified Kenosha WIFI areas.

The goal of the free, open air WIFI service is to support economic development, education and public safety.

The service, under the brand of dkiWIFI (Downtown Kenosha Incorporated WIFI), is being funded by a consortium led by the County of Kenosha with financial sponsorship from Gateway Technical College, Kenosha Area Business Alliance, and the City of Kenosha.

dkiWIFI is designed for open air use and is not intended to replace indoor Internet access for residents or businesses in the coverage area. Since the service is not encrypted, it is intended for personal, noncommercial use.

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