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Coast Guard Station Aids to Navigation Team (STANT) Kenosha is a multi mission shore facility with varying number of small boat resources and personnel ratings attached. Although the station carries out numerous missions, its primary missions are Search and Rescue and Aids to Navigation. Fulfillment of these missions include: training personnel, maintaining boats, equipment, and facilities to ensure response capability, maintaining an awareness of emergent distress through lookout activities and communications watches, responding to distress situations, and professionally service all aids and correct all aids to navigation discrepancies. STANT Kenosha enforces Federal laws in accordance with Coast Guard Regulations and directives. All other missions are assigned on a not-to-interfere basis except when such missions will avert distress at a later time. Secondary missions will vary depending upon geographic location, operational commander tasking and other Coast Guard units present. Other missions may include; maritime law enforcement, recreational boating safety, homeland security, ice rescue, providing initial pollution response, and port waterways coastal security as the need arises. STANT Kenosha, on a situational basis, provides assistance to state and local agencies, or participates in non-operational activities, such as public relations. To execute assigned duties, STANT Kenosha is responsible for extensive on-the-job training of personnel and maintenance of equipment. STANT Kenosha is under the operational and administrative control of Commander, Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan. The program manager for this unit is Commander, CGD Nine (dpw). To ensure an operational focus, STANT Kenosha has limited administrative resources and receives administrative support from the parent command. All tasking of STANT Kenosha will generally originate with the operational commander.


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