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1119 60th St, Kenosha, WI, USA 53140

We are a 21st-century law firm using technology, a commitment to service, and disruptive ideas to reimagine what legal representation can look like. In the age of Uber and Amazon Prime, you care about convenience and quality service. You need a law firm that is good enough at what they do that they can meet you on your terms.

Fierce Advocacy. Personal Service. Creative Solutions. You have a right to an attorney who returns your calls and texts (that’s right, you’ll have our cell phone). You want a lawyer who sees you as a whole person and truly cares about your particular situation. You need a law firm who will fight like a badger for you. Whatever you are going through, you deserve Patton Law by your side.

Our Promise to you is that, even though we aren’t allowed to promise that you’ll get the outcome you want,  we do promise that you will be satisfied with our work or we will do whatever we can to make it right – even if it means reducing your legal fees.

Our People are real people like you. We have waited tables, built houses, and worked too long for too little. We are parents and spouses. Some of us are addicts and have criminal records. Just because we went to school and got some fancy degrees doesn’t mean we forgot what it means to struggle.

Holistic Representation means that we take care of the whole you. Your problems don’t end when we walk out of the courtroom. Legal problems come with emotional and financial complications. We are here to listen and strategize solutions. Plus, we work with some great professionals that can help you with whatever is going on.

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