Daisies will be in full bloom on the North Pier Lighthouse this July on the 22nd through the 31st! Dale Mellor is bringing a new temporary art installation to Kenosha to brighten up our downtown area even more. Her lighthouse daisy project is titled “New Beginnings”. The lighthouse will be decorated with 16 white daisies to symbolize new beginnings and harmony. Dale says “each day is a new beginning for us to accomplish peace and harmony throughout Kenosha”. One blue daisy will be installed with the others to represent those whose lives were taken in Lake Michigan. This blue daisy will also serve as a caution to those visiting the pier and to always make safe decisions. There will be a total of 17 daisies installed on the lighthouse, each being different in size. Six of them will be about 3 1/2’ in diameter, eight will be about 5’ in diameter, the one blue daisy will be about 6 1/2’ in diameter, and two white ones will also be 6 1/2’ in diameter.

Dale is a self-employed artist who enjoys creating different and unique art installations. She recently left her commercial studio to fully commit to her artistic calling and explore her horizons. Dales is known for her previous art pieces on the North Pier Lighthouse, “Kenosha Wings” and “Inside the Lighthouse” in 2016. She brings more light to the community with her artistic gift by sharing the beauty and creative pieces she wants to see in her city.

“New Beginnings” is a piece that Downtown Kenosha is thrilled to be receiving. The lighthouse will be decorated with beautiful flower pieces that everyone will love visiting. Locals and visitors will experience an inspirational piece and witness how great it is to be a part of this community. We all need a reminder to live each day in peace, and to love and enjoy each day spent on this earth. It’s a reminder to trust the beauty of New Beginnings, while always remembering the journey that got you to where you are in the present. We are so grateful to have such an inspirational artist in Kenosha and cannot wait to see this project installed this July! Thank you for sharing your art with us, Dale.