Downtown Revolving Loan Fund

The Kenosha Area Business Alliance (KABA) administers a revolving loan fund for property owners or businesses located in or locating within the Downtown Main Street program area (also known as the Kenosha Lakeshore Business Improvement District).

  • Loans under this program shall be:
  • No more than fifty (50%) percent of a purchase, construction and/or improvement of fixed assets
  • Not less than $10,000 nor for more than $250,000.00
  • In an amount of not more than $40,000.00 per job created or retained
  • Solely for commercial improvements. Use for residential improvements is prohibited
  • Secured by collateral such as: real estate mortgages, subordinated real estate mortgages, equipment, personal and corporate guarantees
  • Not longer than twenty (20) years where the loan is for the construction and/or improvement of land, building or facility
  • Not be longer than ten (10) years where the loan is only for equipment

For more information, contact the KABA office at 262-605-1100.