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Doing Business

Downtown Kenosha is the place to be for businesses, whether small, large and any size in between. Now more than ever, businesses owners are pursuing their passions and finding success here. It’s a place where activity abounds, customers are loyal, and neighboring business owners promote one another. 

Downtown Tools & Info

When it comes to doing business here, Downtown Kenosha, Inc. can provide you with the tools and information you need to help you succeed. 

Business Spotlight

Director’s Circle – What does it take to have an experience economy?

What is the value of an experience? There is the cost of the ticket, cost of travel, cost of food and beverages before, during or after, cost of the outfit (because obviously, you have to get a new one). It generally adds up anywhere between $300 - $500 for one experience and that’s on the cheaper end. But when we think of an experience we aren’t thinking about the dollars it takes to make [...]