Do you know those moments where you want a snack, but you can’t decide if you want sweet or savory? Are your taste buds craving peanut butter? Or avocado? Ice cream? Or popcorn? We all have those days where we just can’t decide! If only there was a solution to this awful problem… Well, if you are lucky enough to live in Kenosha, WI., then there may just be an answer for you…



5503 6th Avenue

Open 7 days a week at 11AM



Sandy’s Popper is a family owned popcorn and ice cream shop in historic downtown Kenosha, located right on main street (6th Avenue). Sandy’s specializes in a variety of gourmet popcorn flavors – from salty and savory, to sweet and indulgent, the options are endless! There are over 50 flavors available, including the standard Cheddar and Caramel Mix, to the extremely unique Chili Lime Cheddar, Birthday Cake, or Turtle Mix flavors. I am currently drooling looking at all the amazing flavors they offer, so do yourself a favor and go check out some of their creations here: Did you look? Did you see the PBJ Double Chocolate flavor? Talk about a sweet tooth! Or how about the Pizza Cheddar flavor? That’ll solve that salty craving! Seriously, they are all fantastic and totally worth the try. The Holidays are approaching, and Sandy’s specializes in all types of holiday-themed popcorns. Their Christmas popcorn is one of my favorites. It consists of a combination of red, green and white popcorn pieces and is great to snack on, pack in a lunch, or bring to a work or school Christmas party. I can guarantee everyone will enjoy this locally popped and produced popcorn treat!


But wait, it gets better… Sandy’s Popper isn’t just limited to popcorn, they also sell ice cream! Sandy’s sells a variety of local Cedar Crest ice creams that come in multiple forms. You could come in for a standard sundae, malt, cone, or dish because these are quite tasty themselves; however, their shakes are OUT OF THIS WORLD! The milkshakes are huge and include all the extra toppings that everyone loves. If you are craving something sweet, look no further than Sandy’s Popper’s. Your taste buds will love it, and your Snapchat or Instagram story will too!


You thought I was finished? Oh no, there’s even more! Sandy’s Poppers happens to be my absolute favorite place to get birthday or holiday gifts for my friends and family. First of all, they sell various pre-made bags of popcorn that are all different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Your sister loves cookies and cream? Well, you can bet that Sandy’s sells a small bag of cookies and cream POPCORN that your sister is sure to love! Sandy’s also sells Popcorn Boxes, which are perfect for gifts, especially with the holidays coming up! And it gets better – Sandy’s is home to quaint and unique gifts and trinkets. Wine openers, mugs, coasters, baskets, and glasses are among an array of little accessories available for purchase. Whenever I am shopping for birthday gifts, I find myself at Sandy’s because everything is so cute and a perfect add-on to a present. Plus, I love shopping downtown and supporting local businesses.



If you want to spend your Saturday morning the right way, I would highly recommend hanging around downtown Kenosha. Attend the Kenosha Harbor Market, grab a coffee from a local coffee house, and check out Sandy’s Popper to grab a snack, a gift, or just to take in the amazing smell of freshly popped popcorn! The location of Sandy’s popper is nothing short of spectacular. The lake view is absolutely gorgeous, and the vibe of the surrounding stores and small businesses are all fun and inviting!


Do yourself a favor and POP into Sandy’s Poppers soon! I can assure you that it won’t be your only visit!


– Sammie Woodward, Carthage Student Blogger