photo by Jeff Rodriquez – Triad Imagery

Kenosha’s authentic gift shop
By Colleen Kappeler

In a gorgeous, old, authentic Kenosha building on the corner of 57 th and 7 th in
downtown Kenosha, lies our town’s newest treasure, a gift shop named Authentique
(French for Authentic). Walk in and you are greeted by a stylish, chic shop where (on
Saturday’s and Sunday’s) you will be offered a glass of champagne to enjoy while you
browse. And browsing is exactly what you will want to do! This is no antique shop, but
rather a high quality (but well priced) boutique of items carefully selected by owner
Kimberly Warner from handcrafted businesses across the country, and sometimes even
internationally. Kimberly’s passion in this store is to bring out the “authentic you” in each
of her shoppers; helping them find little treasures that truly represent who they are.
Being authentic in today’s fast-paced world can sometimes be a challenge but in this
unique little shop you will find items that bring you back to who you are.


1. of undisputed origin; genuine.

With unique products, most of which come from other small business and women in
business, you are sure to find a gift that authentically fits the person you are buying for
(or yourself!). This little French style shop brings in genuine products with high-quality
origins like goat’s milk hand cream, handcrafted jewelry, candles, home décor and VOC
free DIY paint. One recent favorite was gorgeous bags made from recycled vinyl
billboards from New York City! The bath and body products I have found here have
created amazing gifts for friends; and for myself I found a handbag I had never seen
anywhere else, but it sure fits my personality.

2. made or done in the traditional or original way

And that’s not all. It’s not just frilly soaps and jewelry, you can also get original
barbeque sauce, hot sauce, Bittermilk cocktail bitters, Bloody Mary mix, and bourbon
barrel wood chips for smoking meats, fish, and cheeses. Recently I was shopping with a
friend whose brother-in-law always gets himself the nicest things and is therefore hard
to buy for. He had a birthday coming up, and a mixture of cocktail bitters made the
perfect gift. The traditional bottles and the quality of the product created a present that
even the “guy who has everything” could appreciate!

3. relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and

responsible mode of human life.

Finally, there is no shop around that offers a more emotionally appropriate gift
selection! There are great customizable throw pillows with “Lambeau Field” or “53140”
printed on them; hand towels that celebrate our personality with sayings like “Good
Morning Vodka” or “Save Water Drink Champagne”; and amazing cards, most of which
cannot be quoted here (wink, wink) – which is part of what makes them so fun! One
tame card reads, “It’s Amazing How Long You Two Have Been Together. Seriously,
Unicorns Are More Believable.” At Authentique you are sure to find something that
uniquely meets the authenticity of the situation or the person you are buying for! I
personally have three menopause cards on hand (mostly because they are hysterical)
just waiting for friends to one day go through the change! They may sit in my drawer for
years, but no other message will hit the chord the same way this one will, so I had to
grab them!
When you need that special something for yourself or a gift for the person who has
seen it all, stop in and check out this boutique. Everything from baby gifts to birthday
presents to new paint for your home DIY projects is available here. And the best part?
These are not items you will find on Amazon. Your purchases will be authentically you!

Authentique – Kenosha’s authentic gift shop

625 57th St

Kenosha, WI 53140