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Business Resources During Covid-19



Business Spotlight

Holidays Downtown



You’ve seen the riots. You’ve seen the destruction.

We’re burned. We’re broken. We’re boarded.  But we’re still together.

Our foundation remains strong. There is hope behind the boards.  But we need your help to reach it.

Join us today, however you can, to help Downtown, Uptown and the entire city of Kenosha heal.

Funds and proceeds will be dedicated to rebuilding businesses, facilities and related infrastructure directly impacted by the riots, looting, arson, and civil unrest that occurred in the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin beginning the week of August 23rd, 2020. Funds collected will be prioritized but not limited to: clean-up and repair of windows, doors and exterior facades; materials used for internal and external clean-up, graffiti removal, and materials used to mitigate damage (i.e. plywood, fire spray, etc.), and relief for internal damage such as to furniture, fixtures, and equipment replacements; and funds to replace lost inventory. Owner-occupied businesses, leaseholders, tenants, and landlords directly and negatively impacted by these events will have access to these funds through an application process.  Priority disbursements will be made to businesses filing for total loss and providing proof of any or all expenses not covered by insurance policies held by the applicants.  A community-led committee will prioritize applications and make recommendations for disbursement based on need and an agreed upon and transparent process.  The process is dedicated to meet the urgent needs faced by our community members facing loss and destruction primarily situated in the uptown and downtown areas of Kenosha, Wisconsin. In order to ensure the ability of Downtown Kenosha Inc. to continue to serve the community through both the immediate crisis and long-term recovery, a maximum of 10% of the funds received will be reserved for the administrative costs of the organization.

Donate today to make the most impact! Your donation will be matched by our partners below (as of August 27th, up to $30,500)


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Downtown Kenosha Inc. (DKI) is thrilled to announce the following businesses have stepped up to match the next $30,000 in donations to our Kenosha Relief Fund. If you or your business would like to join the Kenosha relief match campaign, please email Matt Monroe at [email protected].

Downtown Kenosha Inc. (DKI) manages the day-to-day economic development efforts, business support and promotional activities for the district. Downtown Kenosha is one of over forty designated Wisconsin Main Street Communities. 


Downtown Kenosha
Downtown Kenosha
We are your one stop shop for downtown business gift cards at the Kenosha Public Markets Holiday Market!

Choose from your favorites like:
Actor's Craft
A Summer's Garden Florist
The Pine Blossom
Canna Vita
Duck Duck Goose Children's Shop
Bellissima's Boutique
Tavern on 6th
Franks Diner
Ashling on the Lough
Public Craft Brewing Co.
Rustic Road Brewing Company
Dawn's Style
Shel's Bridal & Talent LLC
Bisou Lingerie
Blue House Books
Mike Bjorns clothing
SJ Crystals
The Stella Hotel & Ballroom
Lulu Birds
Donna's Gym-nastics

And more to come!!
#shopsmall #holidaygiftcards
Downtown Kenosha
Downtown Kenosha is feeling festive at Captain Mike's.
We love to see our downtown businesses getting creative with outdoor events and collaborating to keep our community warm this winter!
Downtown Kenosha
Downtown Kenosha was live.
The Lettering Machine is celebrating 12 Days of Christmas Holiday promotions and #DownTownKenosha is today’s lucky participant! Grab your #onetown swag at 10% off, today only!
Downtown Kenosha
Downtown Kenosha
Downtown Kenosha
Thank you to The Lettering Machine for 12 Days of Christmas promotions! Our #OneTown merchandise is on sale all holiday season. Stay tuned for our FB live!!
Downtown Kenosha
Downtown Kenosha
Downtown Kenosha
Beer for a cause?!

Join Dooley & Associates at Captain Mike's tonight for a free pint when donating items for Dooley's Warming Chests for the community.

Can bring hats, gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and more to contribute! 🍺❄🧤🧣
Downtown Kenosha
Downtown Kenosha
We would like to take a moment and recognize two outstanding members of our community! Please meet Ariana & Lilly. These amazing young ladies held a lemonade stand to raise funds to help Downtown Kenosha. They made an outstanding donation of $3,697.00!! We are so thankful and blown away by their efforts and generosity. Way to go Ariana & Lilly!!






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Downtown Kenosha Magazine

Stay up-to-date on everything going on in Downtown Kenosha! Check out our newest version of the Downtown Kenosha magazine.

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