The Pine Blossom

Article by Jason Hedman, Downtown Kenosha Magazine

 Pine Blossom

What began as a love for Christmas, and creating wreathes and other holiday items, has blossomed into a year-round affair for Cheryl Farrand at The Pine Blossom. But Cheryl understands that people aren't looking for holiday items in May, so she looked to expand her craftwork and deliver a fine array of items at her new shop. At the new location, she proudly provides all-season wreathes, jewelry, furniture, soaps, and other great gift ideas. From shabby chic to classic traditional to wild and whimsical, Cheryl enjoys dreaming up new creations and bringing them to life. Pictured at right: Gary and Cheryl Farrand.

The Pine Blossom
5925 Sixth Avenue ‘A’
Kenosha, WI