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It's no shock that the downtown area has become a bustling arts scene, but did you know that it has recently established its own unofficial arts district? Along with Lemon Street, Artworks, and Left of the Lake, Marjorie Meyer's Re:Vision Art Gallery, 4625 Sheridan Road, features some of the greatest works of local artists. Meyer sat down with Downtown Kenosha magazine recently to discuss how she became one of the area's influential art supporters.

Meyer has been a lifelong creator and a teacher for 30 years; through that time, she has developed a love for art and helping herself and others find that creative outlet. "For many years I was a member of Lemon Street Gallery. Back then, Melanie Hovey (Lemon Street executive director) envisioned the area becoming a new arts district for Kenosha," Meyer said. "She was placing the anchor at the time and didn't know it. I left the area to take care of my family and when I returned, this building was available. I appreciated Melanie's vision and wanted to contribute to 

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that process. It's really becoming that now, with Artworks, Left of the Lake and the two of us, the Union Park Art District is becoming a reality. I didn't want to step on the toes of my friends, so I looked to do something different. l looked for artists from the area that normally don't show their work in Kenosha. Some roots in the Racine arts scene led to more connections."

On becoming a part of the downtown area, Meyer is very modest yet excited: "The spirit here is just amazing. I love being a part of something that is reclaiming the area and making it into something more. There is so much great talent here. And we need to develop culturally in order to truly reclaim the area. We also have other great places like the Actor's Studio and the Peace Tree, the Bead Haven and Serendipity shops that help contribute to the arts district."

With two levels of art, Re:Vision has plenty of room to showcase fantastic pieces, but they are also looking to provide other services to the community, including art classes, meditation classes, and a youth group utilizes the upstairs area once a week. "I don't have the money to invest in the area, but I have the space, so I try to show my support in the ways that I can," Meyer said. "Another way I try to differentiate from other galleries is that we use the upstairs area to showcase a single artist, and it rotates every month with an opening reception as part of the Second Saturday festivities. We have refreshments and the artist on hand; people really enjoy it."

What does the future hold for Re:Vision Art Gallery? "This summer we are hoping to organize some outdoor activities, including outdoor vendors on Second Saturdays in the parking lot, outdoor demonstrations that are too messy to be done inside, possibly a community event with painting our fence with flowers and such; with the other three art galleries, we are hoping to organize events in Union Park this summer as well."

Meyer would be more than happy to see you stop in the gallery and show you around. "I am so enamored by this place. I love being here. I love being surrounded by this wonderful art. I love working here at night on my clothing and handbags. I take joy in art. I love being surrounding by it. I am looking forward to a great summer in our little arts district.”

Re:Vision Art Gallery
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