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Chow Down in Downtown Kenosha

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Pic2.jpgThere is a lot to love about Downtown Kenosha. Beautiful views of Lake Michigan and miles of shoreline to enjoy. Five museums to explore with permanent and touring exhibits to learn from. Small businesses offering everything from popcorn and bowties to sports paraphernalia to dog treats. There are streetcars, charter fishing boats, and a trolley. There are free concerts, car shows, ice sculpture displays, a marathon and 5K races, and so many other events throughout the year. I could keep going, but I really want to get to the most delicious part of our Downtown.

There are wonderful dining options throughout the Kenosha Area, there is no doubt. The concentration of restaurants in Downtown Kenosha is what makes it stand out as a dining destination. The variety of food in Downtown Kenosha is amazing. Chicken, Coffee, b2ap3_thumbnail_Pic3-2.jpgDonuts, Hot Beef, Pies, Popcorn, Burgers, Mac and Cheese, Pizza, Pasta, Chop Suey, Omelets, Steaks, Paninis, Salads, Eggs Benedict, and even a Garbage Plate! There are as many foods as there are Crayola Crayon colors! It could be overwhelming to try to enjoy all the culinary delights – but that is what Restaurant Week is for!

Downtown Kenosha Restaurant Week offers nine days dining adventures with price fixed meals, making it easy and affordable to try new restaurants and exciting new dishes. From February 17 – 25, more than 20 Downtown Kenosha restaurants, bars, and food retailers are participating in the event with exciting menus for diners. Breakfast and lunch options are available for just $10 and dinners can be enjoyed for $20 or $30 price points.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Pic4-2.jpgYou can explore the menus ahead of time, learn more about the chefs, baristas, bakers, and owners that make these eateries so unique, and find fun events related to dining in the area during Restaurant Week. You can also help feed those who do not have the privilege of dining out by supporting the Shalom Center, which is the official charitable organization benefiting for Restaurant Week donations. Restaurant Week is an event that encourages exploring new dining establishments, supporting local businesses, and helping those in need. It’s nine days that we can all feel good about!